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For decades I have been fascinated by art. As a trained graduate lawyer I have never had to deal exclusively with colours; but since I have been able to hold a pen, they have played an important role in my life.


Moreover, the older I have become, the more aware I have become, of the extent to which I can use my high sensitivity and also channel it. After decades, I can still retrieve and translate into colour the accumulated sum of myriad visual and emotional impressions, by means of my dynamic painting technique. My image memory goes back to when I was two.


"Brig" has been my artist´  s name for almost 30 years. My pictures represent vibrant colours, lifestyles and individuality.


Due to their strong concentration of pure pigments and my use of high-quality binders, my colours are particularly intense and of great colour depth.


In my experimental art, I always find new possibilities for colour and material composition. I am pleased to be able to present my creations painted in acrylic and enhanced by different sorts of glass, ground or splintered and sand of different colours and grain size.


When creating a painting, I find a quote from Jonathan Swift very apt: "Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."


Each acrylic painting is an original that reflects my zest for life and the intensity of my sensitivity.


It is important for me that my customers will always be able to discover something new in my pictures - even if the picture has been hanging on the wall for years.


My art in your home will emphasise the quality of your life and will display your sophisticated lifestyle.


My consultation is free of charge and I will take time to advise you concerning your home or the business premises to be decorated.


I will look for the optimal creative focus for your home or business premises from my repertoire of acrylic paintings.


I also offer free delivery within a radius of 50 km. My art will bring to your home or work place an exclusive look. My customers´ feedback confirms this.


To see my creative ideas for your design environment, please contact my Lifestyle studio!


All my pictures are 100% hand-painted originals, not prints or partial prints.


I primarily paint on very large canvasses that are not nailed on the sides and are usually 3.8 cm deep for most pictures. I continue the image on the sides of the canvas so that the customer gets an optimal 3D effect. No frame is required.


The high-quality canvasses are stretched onto wooden frames and can be hung directly onto the wall.


The large-scale canvasses stretched on frames are exclusively custom-made and manufactured in Baden-Württemberg.


Every painting is naturally signed by me and dated.


I currently have seven public permanent exhibitions. You can find the location information for the respective pictures and details of the materials used under the menu item "Gallery" on this homepage.


I thank my clients that I am able to devote myself to what I love most, transporting pictures from my head onto canvasses.


My artworks for your gallery at home. I look forward to advising you.








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